Gutter Cleaning – How to Get Rid of Clogged Gutters

Gutters are important for protecting your home from water damage and preventing your foundation from being weakened. They should be cleaned regularly to prevent buildup of leaves, debris and other things that could clog your gutters. A clogged gutter can cause problems such as overflowing that spills onto the roof, causing rot to the roof and siding.

A clogged gutter can also cause water to spill around your house and eventually leak into the basement, which could lead to more serious issues like mold and mildew. Luckily, a good gutter cleaning service can help you keep your gutters in tip-top shape and avoid costly repairs in the future.

The first step to gutter cleaning is to find the right tools and safety precautions for the job. You should wear gloves and goggles if you’re dealing with sharp objects. In addition, you should use a bucket and a ladder to work from.

Once you have your tools and a clear drop cloth, you can start working. Place your ladder against the side of your home and secure it with a rope or have a friend hold it for you while you’re working.

When you’re up on the ladder, you should clean out each gutter section one at a time, removing any leaves or other debris that may have accumulated on the sides of the gutters. Once each gutter is clean, you can rinse it with a garden hose. This will remove all the dirt and debris that has accumulated on it.

You should also make sure you’re using a hose that has a pistol-grip nozzle to control the pressure and clean the gutters thoroughly. A hose with a high-pressure setting can be too much for your gutters, especially if they’re older.

To use your hose to clean out the gutters, you should angle it so that the water points away from your downspouts. Then, spray it down and work your way from the top to the bottom of each gutter. Once you’ve cleaned out each gutter, repeat the process on the next section until they’re clear.

Taking care of your gutters can save you a lot of money in the long run, so it’s worth the effort to clean them out on a regular basis. In fact, you should consider a professional gutter cleaning at least twice a year.

If you’re not sure if your gutters need to be cleaned, it’s best to have your home inspected. This will give you an idea if your gutters are in bad condition and need to be repaired or replaced.

Once you’ve checked your gutters, if you think they’re in bad condition and need to be replaced, you should consult with a power washing company in Fairfax. They can help you determine the best option for your specific needs and budget.

Gutter Cleaning with Power Washing

Besides reducing the risk of damage to your house, a properly cleaned gutter can also be a great selling point for your home. If you live in an area with heavy foliage, it’s a good idea to have your gutters cleaned at least twice a year. This will ensure that your gutters don’t become clogged, which can result in more expensive repairs down the line.