Bringing together the tools you need for success in all areas of engagement.

Engagement World is a conference and expo dedicated to highlighting the world of Enterprise Engagement in business and its many strategies and tactics. The event is being launched by the Exhibit and Event Marketers (E2MA) and Enterprise Engagement Alliance. The event is designed to help organizations in all areas of business profit from this emerging new field that some experts believe will rival advertising in scale.

The first Engagement World will be held April 25-28 at the Renaissance Orlando at SeaWorld. The event will consist of co-located education and exhibit programs addressing key areas of engagement, including:

  • The E2MA Red Diamond Conference focusing on best practices in face-to-face marketing and communications, Mon. April 25-Wed. 27
  • Engagement University highlighting key strategies and tactics related to ROI-based enterprise engagement plans, Tue., April 26-April 27;
  • The Loyalty Academy, a one-day comprehensive workshop on the intersection of engagement and loyalty marketing, produced by the Wise Marketer, Tue., April 26.
  • The Engagement Expo, featuring exhibitors and presentations by leading engagement associations and solution providers, Wed., April 27-Thu. April 28.
  • The Rewards and Recognition Expo featuring the leading suppliers and brands in the rewards and recognition business and an interactive education program on latest trends and best practices., Wed. April 27-Thu. April 28.

Enterprise engagement focuses on achieving organizational goals by fostering the proactive involvement of all of the people critical to organization success. This new field integrates leadership coaching, surveys assessment, all forms of communications from digital to face-to-face, learning, innovation, rewards and recognition, and analytics, and other engagement tactics that traditionally are siloed in many organizations.

“The goal of this event is to help businesses of all kinds understand how they can achieve a competitive edge by engaging all of the people critical to success,” said Bruce Bolger, Managing Director of the Enterprise Engagement Alliance. “All of the research indicates that organizations will get the best results when they better integrate all of the levers of engagement.”

Engagement World will bring together corporate practitioners, educators, solution providers, and associations in all areas of engagement, to help equip an entirely new generation of experts to help both organizations and solution providers in all areas of business profit from this new field.

“The growth of digital information and social media has only increased the need for face-to-face engagement,” said Jim Wurm, Executive Director of E2MA. “We believe that the emerging field of engagement creates perhaps the biggest growth opportunity for the meetings and events business since the advent of commercial jet aircraft. When companies need to engage people, it almost always boils down to face to face experiences.”

Added Rick Ferguson, CEO of the Wise Marketer and the Loyalty Academy, “This co-location with Engagement World is completely aligned with our vision that loyalty strategies get the best results when they aligned with other external and internal marketing efforts and address all of the levers of engagement.”

Nick Gazivoda, Director of the Rewards and Recognition Expo and University, said, “All of the research over the past year on rewards and recognition suggests that organizations can do much more to make these programs engaging than is the general practice. We think holding our event under this umbrella will enable us to reach a broader audience with the science of effective program design.”

According to Bolger, a major vision of Engagement World is to create a venue each year where multiple organizations involved with all areas of engagement can hold education or expo programs as well as for businesses to hold sales and training meetings. Hinda Incentives, a leading reward fulfillment company that has committed itself to the concept of “engaging rewards,” is the first company to hold an event in conjunction with Engagement World: its annual customer summit. Said Mike Donnelly, President, “Hinda is committed to helping our partners profit from the best practices in the industry. We are locating our annual summit at Engagement World because of the unique opportunity to meet and discuss new business opportunities in the context of a valuable education and expo program that can help our partners and our own company do better in all areas of our businesses.”

Registrants to the E2MA Red Diamond and Engagement U. co-located education program will be able to attend conference sessions at either conference, both of which will involve associations in key areas of engagement sharing best practices, as well as presentations and exhibits at the co-located Engagement Expo and the Rewards and Recognition Expo. Engagement World attendees will receive a 33% discount off of the Loyalty Academy program.

For information, contact Nick Gazivoda, Expo Director, at 914-591-7600, ext. 238; nick@theeea.org.